Terms and Conditions

Introduction to SAGI Recruitment Programme

South African Graduate Institute Recruitment (SAGI Recruitment) is a placement/job agency that helps unemployed South Africans. As it may be costly to look for jobs nowadays, SAGI Recruitment will be your bridge to find suitable jobs.

SAGI Recruitment has got over 3500 clients (employers) nation-wide, mostly accounting firms, banks and management consultants to place all our candidates. We place our candidates mostly in SAICA, SAIPA, SAIBA, CIA learnerships, senior positions and any other accounting related jobs.Therefore, if you are ambitiously looking for a job and really want a successful future, join the SAGI Recruitment by applying online. Know that you are settled for life time in seeking for a job as it is free to register on our database.

How will this happen?

The candidate has to apply first to the SAGI Recruitment Programme. This is to establish a lifetime relationship for future job placements. The application will be carefully processed to identify a suitable employment opportunity for you.


The Agency
   - Conduct assessments on the prospective candidate.
   - Communicate the outcome of the assessment and application of the individual.
   - Submit application for employment on behalf of its candidate.
   - Coordinate the communication between the prospective employer and the candidate.


The Candidate/Applicant
   - Submit a complete, accurate and truthful application to the agency
   - Attend interviews arranged by the agency with prospective employer.
   - The applicant has the responsibility to pay a once off fee for the service rendered.


Placement Admin Fee and Payment Terms
  - The amount is calculated at the candidate’s gross salary.
  - SAGI recruitment charges a flat rate of 20% - 27% on gross salary.
  - The amount is payable after the employment is secured.
  - No fee is charged when registering on our database.