Why Choose SAGI?

At SAGI, you can:

  • study at a private, TVET-level college, registered and accredited by a number of regulatory bodies

  • choose from a wide variety of accredited and non-accredited courses

  • further your education, even if you don’t have a Matric certificate

  • register for our courses all year round

  • receive student support from our Educational Planners

  • make use of our flexible payment options.                               

Study at a private TVET-level college

- SAGI is registered and accredited by a number of regulatory bodies.

- What does this mean? It means that when you study an accredited course with us, you will receive a highly-recognized qualification that can boost your career prospects.

We are accredited and registered with the following bodies:

- Umalusi

- ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers)

- We are also provisionally registered as a Private Further Education and Training institution with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) and affiliated to the Association of Private Providers of Education Training.

Choose from a wide variety of courses (accredited, non-accredited & workplace skills short courses) We offer a wide variety of accredited and non-accredited courses. Our accredited courses include bookkeeping and accounting, business and management, computer and technical courses. 

Why study an accredited course?

- Recognized qualifications

- Higher earning potential

- Higher demand for professional qualified individuals

- You could get an exemption with other institutions

- Our non-accredited courses, also known as provider programs, include entrepreneurship, Pastel partner, computer literacy.

We do not only teach you, we train you

This program takes place after you have graduated on one of our technical courses to get you work-ready. Job related expertise is essential in any profession and in many other careers. However in the last twenty to thirty years, understanding has grown that perhaps the soft skills may ultimately be more important in determining levels of career success, where for SAGI offers the following soft and practical skills:

Soft Skills:

- Communication skills
- Code of professional conduct
- Interview skills
- Leadership skills
- Entrepreneurship skills
- Office and work orientation
- Problem solving skills
- Time management

- Many more

Practical Skills:

- Computerized record processing
- Vat, EMP, PAYE, UIF and SDL calculations and submission
- Start-Up business skills
- Records Management
- SARS E-filling

- Many more

We assist our learners find jobs

As we believe that the end story behind studying is making sure that one has a bright future, we assist our learners find jobs.

Strong partnerships with employers in every sector and mostly Accounting firms, and accounting bodies like SAIBA, ICB, CIMA, SAIT, SAIPA, SAICA and IIA and  other services institutions are formed and maintained to deliver our promise to both our employer and graduates. we have got over 5000 employers in our database who continuously employ our skilled graduates/trainees.